XIDIBEI is a leading manufacturer in China providing professional solutions of the industrial pressure measurement, IoT, experimental instruments and control systems.
It specializes in pressure sensors, digital pressure gauges, level transmitters, temperature sensors, pressure switches, flow meters, temperature instruments, IoT and the complete set of automation control system.
Since they are made up from quality grade material, these products are featured with superior stability, longer service life, accuracy and efficiency, and are widely used in petroleum and petrochemical, industrial equipment, food and medicine, vehicle, pipe network, IoT and industry 4.0 intelligence transformation and other industries. Supported by a group of outstanding and experienced engineers with more than 20 years focusing on designing and manufacturing of pressure instrumentation, XIDIBEI team has been devoted to the strict QC and the thoughtful services. It has achieved high-reputation in the international market, such as the United States, Germany, Russia, Italy, South-Korea, India, Thailand, Vietnam etc. XIDIBEI is committed to pursue the advancement of modern pressure measurement technology, providing customers with the high-quality products and perfect solution based on the understanding your needs and budgetary constraints. We are inclined to be assistance to your research and development and help you succeed as our future vision and mission.

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