Maintenance mode

If you receive the goods and find that they are with defects but can be used normally after the repair, you can choose to repair them yourself or by us. If you repair it yourself, we will bear the corresponding repair costs.

Defective and irreparable products

After receiving the goods, please conduct the test as soon as possible, preferably in a sealed environment, because different atmospheric pressures will affect the accuracy of the output signal.

If the test data shows any deviation (outside the tolerance range) or other irreparable defects, please inform us in time. Our sales staff will contact you as soon as possible to verify with you whether it is the correct installation method and measurement method. If it cannot be repaired, we will immediately offer you an identical new unit as a replacement if you wish. Or you will get a refund.

The warranty is usually 1.5 years from the date of delivery, and the exceptional will be specifically described.

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